The company was established in 1933 by the driving spirit and will of the young Achille Pinto, a man of great charisma and extensive expertise in the textiles industry.
The company logo chosen by Pinto represents a bee, symbol of commitment to hard work and persevering tenacity.
Originally a manufacturer of printed fabrics and jacquards for ties, over the years the company extended its production range to include fabrics for women’s scarves and clothing.
Such versatility led the company along a growth curve of significant importance, whilst the Sixties were characterized by the successful partnership with Rhodiatoce for the development and printing of synthetic fibres such as  polyester, Terylene and acetate.
The company achieved international acclaim and renown as one of the leading manufacturers of natural, man-made and synthetic fabrics.
In the Seventies, Achille Pinto’s son-in-law Mario Uliassi took over the reins of the company. In those same years important partnerships were established with the Japanese multinationals Toray and Mitsui, leading to achievement of increasingly ambitious objectives ands sales turnovers, and the consolidation of the internationalisation process that has been launched.


Today Achille Pinto S.p.A. has a production site extending over 30.000m2, employing a workforce of 250 staff and enjoying a sales turnover in constant growth. Run by the brothers Paolo and Matteo Uliassi, the company is a supplier, distributor and licensee of leading names in the textiles and clothing industry.
Along with representing an important aspect of the company's heritage, the upkeep and recovery of historical archives provide customers with an inexhaustible source of ideas, designs, jacquards, embroideries, effects and colors.


Thanks to its technical expertise and ongoing investment into technologies, the company distinguishes itself for its innovative products, which national and foreign competitors find difficult to reproduce.
Ink jet techniques for fabric printing have been introduced and perfected over the last years, today achieving excellent results without requiring large production quantities or incurring high plant costs. Special finishes guarantee the uniqueness of finished fabrics and goods.


Achille Pinto’s philosophy is based on 6 fundamental concepts:
Tradition: 80 years of history and a legacy of experience, archives and documents which the company draws on every day;
Innovation: a constant drive to innovate, not only in technology but also and above all in the way we think;
Creativity: the company’s DNA – unique and incomparable. A blend of sensitivity, tradition and foresight;
Quality: this has become our obsession over time, enabling us to achieve and maintain excellent standards of quality;
Service: impeccable service tailored to each customer’s needs;
Passion: the key to fulfilling extraordinary objectives.


The production range is divided into two areas: fabrics for the clothing indutry and finished goods, such as foulards, scarves and ties.
Along with its own private label collections, the company is a licensed distributor of leading international brand names.
Finished products are sold through an extensive wold-wide network of agents and distributors. The company also participates in the most important trade fairs of the sector.
The client range includes specialist retailers and large up-market departement stores and duty free shops in the world’s most important airports.